Your bike

A comfortable mountain bike is suitable for this ride.

We recommend tubeless tyres fitted for the ride. This will reduce your chance of getting a puncture.

You should also remember to:

  • Take your bike to a bike shop for a service at least a month before the ride. (If you live in the Cairns region, don’t forget to book it in advance, as local shops are get busy in the lead up to the many cycling events in FNQ during the dry season.
  • Ensure your bike is in a comfortable and efficient riding position. If it is adjusted to suit your particular body size and shape, you will feel more relaxed and able to ride longer distances with less effort. Your local bike shop should be able to help set up your bike correctly.
  • Make sure you check your shoes, cleats and bike set up including handlebars, seat and tyres, before the ride. And don’t forget your brakes!