Ride route

As you all know the route for the Alive Pharmacy Warehouse Ride for Isabel is an evolving one.

Everyone will meet at Norman Park in Gordonvale – we will let you know what time and we will bus you over to Yarrabah for the start. This is because we will have a road closure and to reduce traffic on the road. Please pay for your bus fare on your dashboard once signed in.

Once everyone is in Yarrabah, we will provide breakfast and there will be a cultural ceremony performed by the local people before you depart.

Route 1 – 120km – riders will do a double route of Yarrabah – out to Back Beach, back to Bukki Road and Wungi Road – you will go to another little beach and stunning views of the Coral Sea. – the loop is approximately 39.5km – you need to do this loop twice before heading over the Yarrabah Range and into Gordonvale.

Route 2 – The above loop once and into Gordonvale approximately 79km

Route 3 – Yarrabah loop approx. 39.5kms we can bus you over the Yarrabah Range to Bessie Point and you can continue your ride from there – another 29.3km. The choice is yours. Buses will leave from Bishop Malcolm Park in Yarrabah on a regular basis and the bikes will either be placed onto trailers or trucked to either Bessie Point or Norman Park Gordonvale – the choice is yours you can ride as little or as much as you want.

Route 4 – This for mountain bikes who would like a little bit of adventure. Ride out to Back Beach and then a stunning 6.5km along the beach to Wungu Road. Be warned there is a creek crossing.